New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CXA00001 has been issued for V10.0
Posted by Clive Petley on 20/05/19 @ 6:01 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CXA00001 has been issued for V10.0

EZ-DB2 V10.0 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

  • Runtime parameter output now goes to EZD2PRM. 
  • Dynamic allocation output now goes to EZD2ALC.
  • Command UTL now runs the Trace Status report. Alternatively, option '9.1.5 - Full EZ-DB2 Status Report' can be used. The Status Report panel also allows Trace CSA control blocks to be cleared.
  • New EZD2AUD audit trail in Master STC's job output. This logs the start and end of all distinct EZ-Tracer and EZ-Cache jobs - main trace, post processing and report jobs/tasks - irrespective of whether they were initiated via the Master STC.
  • Various improvements to messaging and processing in EZ-Tracer and EZ-Cache. 
  • Additional checks in EZ-Cache to trap corrupt IFCID 316 length field and prevent possible IEC036I 002-18 abend in XOPTRACE. 
  • Test for Db2 12 returning error status 00E60831 and end. Check IBM for UI59961. 
  • Add TCB update steps to Reports job, when running traces in batch. 
  • Fix Reports JCL in STC/Logstream mode when tracing host variables. 
  • Automatically delete existing Logs datasets if found, when starting a trace. 
  • New Master STC command to clear a log stream '/F ezvxmst,CLEARLGS logstream_name' 
  • Correct generated batch trace jobs to use the alternative authorized loadlib if set. 
  • New Master Started Task 'force start' option - see notes in EZVXMST replacement proc.

Note: This APAR is only for EZ-DB2 V10.0 installations

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