New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910318
Posted by Clive Petley on 24/01/18 @ 6:14 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910318 has been issued.

EZ-DB2 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

Note, users with Warehouse Databases must apply the co-req Warehouse APAR CW910015, to each Warehouse DB.

  • Correct condition code error in APAR JCL.
  • Report Parallel & SE CPU times in Warehouse.
  • New report SQL Predicate Details when viewing access paths. Drill on the old 'Narrative' column in the AP access path report. To see the new report for existing work-loads, users will need to refresh the access paths. The 'Narrative' report column has been renamed to 'Drill for Predicates'.                       *
  • If profile is active, we no longer display profile id in 'hint used' on the access path report. Instead, when the DSN_STATEMNT_TABLE. REASON column contains the profile id, then the same will be available in the reason column on the access path report.
  • Don't report 'Remote Bind' in EZ-Tracer when the SQL is DDF.        
  • New separate 'Create/Recreate Trend Analysis DB' option 2.3B in EZDB2I panels. 
  • EZ-Tracer/Cache 'Populate Trend Analysis DB' control simplified to Y/N. Y will populate all previous trend options.

For more details on the new fields reported by EZ-Tracer, see KB article: Info On New EZ-Tracer Information

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