New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910317
Posted by Clive Petley on 12/10/17 @ 4:20 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910317 has been issued.

EZ-DB2 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

  • Add workload Statistics Feedback report to Warehouse.
  • Add display of RUNSTATS Profile to Statistics Feedback reports: drill on Reason column.
  • Add IFCID 363 to trace to capture 'straw model' parallel activity.
  • Correct Parallel CPU collection.
  • Report Parallel CPU time separately on SQL reports and SQL detail screen.
  • Report SE CPU Time (zIIP/zAAP) separately on SQL reports and SQL detail screen - note DRDA limitation below!
  • Add Tracer log switch timings to log switch messages.
  • Fully break down Cursor times to show CLOSE separately.
  • Add Connection Type to SQL reports and SQL detail screen. Identifies where SQL originated from (eg CAF, CICS, DRDA etc). 
  • Add DB2 Release details to Trace Summary Reports screen. For DB2 12, also display the Mod Level.
  • Display of Explain Table DB2 versions fixed for V12.

For more details on the new fields reported by EZ-Tracer, see KB article: Info On New EZ-Tracer Information

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