New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910315 & WH APAR CW910014
Posted by Clive Petley on 23/08/17 @ 4:48 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910315 has been issued. 

Note, users with Warehouse Databases must apply the co-req Warehouse APAR CW910014, to each Warehouse DB.

EZ-DB2 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

  • Add new features to support DB2 Statistics Feedback for missing/conflicting statistics. New command SF when displaying single SQL. New menu options, 2.5B & 5.11.
  • New search command FINDSQL to just search reports for SQLno. Abbreviates to FS. Especially useful in EZ-Tracer report 23.
  • Runtime improvements to XOPIXAN.
  • Create and update of EXPLAIN tables now supports DB2 V12.
  • Warehouse DDL updates for Statistics Feedback.
  • Fix for applying Warehouse APARs.
  • Fix for PDS to PDS/E conversion.

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