Cogito Online Support Portal - Quickstart
Posted by Clive Petley on 02/07/12 @ 12:43 PM
 cogito online support desk quickstart.pdf (696.11 KB)

Welcome to the Cogito online Support Portal. This portal provides the primary point of contact for the raising and monitoring of support issues for Cogito software, both DB2 and IDMS.

It is also the portal for licensed clients to download the latest software, maintenance and documentation.

You can download a copy of this QuickStart Guide, which contains screenshots at the bottom of this page.


In order to raise issues or download files, you will need to register to use the system. Click on the ‘Register’ button.

Enter the basic details requested and click ‘Sign Up’.  You will shortly receive an automated email with a link to confirm your email address – click the link and you will then be ‘Registered’. If you do not receive the automatic email, please check your spam mailbox and if you still cannot find it, please contact us by normal email.

Once ‘Registered’ you will be able to raise issues, but until we have manually reviewed your registration, you will not be able to download software, maintenance or documentation. We will review new Registrations and clients with current license agreements will be granted access to the relevant software, maintenance and documentation areas of the support portal.

Raising a New Issue

New issues can be raised via either:

Via the Web Portal

Logon to your account using your registered email address/password. Enter the details at the top of the left hand panel.

Click on ‘Submit a Ticket’. Supply the details as requested. The text area for the main message details is fixed font, to allow you to paste screen prints or job output in an easy to read format. You can also attach files to the ticket using the ‘Upload File(s)’ at the bottom of the ticket details.

Click on ‘Submit’. 

Via email 

The email address is automatically monitored by the Helpdesk (refreshed every ten minutes). You can open a new ticket by sending an email with the details to this address.

Where the sender’s email address is a registered user’s address, the new ticket will be automatically associated with the user.

If the sender's email address is not a registered address, then the details will be rejected - this is a necessary action to prevent spam entries.


Whenever you raise a new ticket or the ticket is updated by us, you will receive an automatic email informing you of the change. 

Where a ticket has been updated by Cogito support, you should review the update details in the email or logon and review the ticket.

Updating a Ticket

Similar to submitting a new ticket, an existing ticket can be updated by either, logging onto and viewing/updating the ticket via the ‘View Tickets’ option, or by replying to the automated emails generated by the helpdesk. 

If you want to update a ticket via the email option, you can simply reply to the email with the latest update details. Do not modify the email subject or remove the existing email text. The helpdesk system will receive the email automatically and match it with the existing ticket and update it accordingly. 

To add a new response to a ticket via the web portal, click on ‘View Tickets’.  You will see a list of all tickets for your account. Click on a ticket to view the current details and any updates.

Add change the existing ticket details (eg Status or Priority), use the drop down options to select the required value, then click the ‘Update’ button at the top of the ticket.

To add a new reply with further details to the ticket, click on the ‘Post Reply’ button at the top of the ticket. A new ‘Message Details and Upload Files’ are will be displayed, where you can enter the update details. Click the ‘Send’ button below the new Message Details, to update the ticket.

Cogito support will be alerted automatically when a new ticket is created or an existing ticket is updated.


Over time, we hope to add useful articles and tips/hints to the Knowledgebase area of the support portal.

Initially, the Knowledgebase area of the portal is used to deliver software, maintenance and documentation.

What software, maintenance and documentation you are allowed to view/download, will depend on the Cogito software you are licensed for. After your initial registration, we will confirm your current software licences and make the relevant areas of the Knowledgebase available to you.

If you are eligible, your  support portal Homepage will contain additional buttons for maintenance and documentation. You can also navigate to these area from any part of the support portal, by selecting the Knowledgebase option from the top menu. 

If you do not see any Maintenance or Documentation options, but believe that you are eligible, please contact us and we will review your details.


The News option will be used to inform customers of any important news from Cogito and on new software updates or releases.

If you want to be alerted automatically when a News item is added, you can ‘Subscribe’ to the News feed. To subscribe, you must not be logged onto the portal, so logoff if you are currently logged on. Then click the ‘Subscribe’ tab (alongside the Login tab). Enter you email under ‘Subscribe’ and you will automatically receive an email when a new News item is added. We recommend that you subscribe to the news feed, in order to automatically receive notifications of maintenance and new releases of software. You only need to Register once.