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Announcement - EZ-DB2 Release 10.0 is now GA
Posted by Clive Petley on 02/04/19 @ 12:11 PM

We are pleased to announce that EZ-DB2 Release 10.0 is now GA and available for immediate download.

Release 10 brings significant architecture changes to the EZ-Tracer and EZ-Cache tools, allowing for more dynamic workload and trace control. Version 10 positions EZ-DB2 ready for continued improvements and future integration with other tools and products.

Release 10 changes include:

  • Ability to run traces as true started tasks.
  • Flexibility in creating and modifying trace workloads.
  • Control and monitoring of EZ-Tracer and EZ-Cache traces via a Master EZ-DB2 started task.
  • Use of logstreams when capturing Db2 trace data.
  • The ability to run trace post processing continuously, while the trace data is still being captured.

The 'EZ-DB2 V10 What’s New – Release Summary' provides an overview of the changes and the benefits they bring.

Existing EZ-DB2 customers can download the latest Release 10 User Guide Addendum from the 'EZ-DB2 Release 10 Documentation' page and the latest GA installation files from the 'EZ-DB2 Release 10.0 Base Installation' page.

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New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910324
Posted by Clive Petley on 14/12/18 @ 3:22 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910324 has been issued.

EZ-DB2 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

  • Use STMTID where possible, in place of STMTNO for static SQL in EZ-Tracer. Resolves possible duplicate STMTNO's that can be generated by PL/I compilations.
  • Add initial EZ-Impact Analyzer event output to Ironstream.
  • General improvements to SQL parser.

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We are excited to announce the availability of EZ-Tracer and EZ-Cache integration with Syncsort Ironstream, to allow SQL metrics to be ingested directly by Splunk or Elasticsearch. This will allow users to perform advanced analytics off-mainframe, using the SQL statement metrics captured by EZ-Tracer/EZ-Cache.

For further details please see the Knowledgebase article SQL Analytics from EZ-Tracer/EZ-Cache to Splunk - or contact us for further details.

The optional Trend Analysis Database, that allows the user to capture SQL execution metrics over an extended period of time, has also been enhanced. The metrics now include new fields for parallel time, speciality engine time (zIIP/zAAP), a more detailed cursor breakdown and the Db2 connection type. The trace summary now includes details of the Db2 release and modification levels, that were in effect at the time if the trace and there are additional tables that allow users to add their own comments and notes to a trace or specific SQL statement. For details of the new table layouts see the updated Tables Reference V9.2.1.

The above functionality is introduced with software APAR CX910323 and Trend Analysis DB APAR CT910003.

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New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910323
Posted by Clive Petley on 03/07/18 @ 2:30 PM

New EZ-DB2 Maintenance - CX910323 has been issued.

EZ-DB2 users should download the latest maintenance and apply as soon as convenient.

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Privacy Policy
Posted by Clive Petley on 25/05/18 @ 5:47 PM

A copy of our Privacy Policy can be viewed here, on our website, or it can be forwarded directly upon request.

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